Topics You Should Discuss in your Dental Staff Meetings

topics you should discuss in dental meeting

topics discussed in dental meetingWe understand that running a dental practice is hard work. We get it! From managing payroll to maintaining an upbeat atmosphere in your practice, you have a lot of priorities to consider, with one of the most critical priorities being staff communication. Your dental consultants at Bryant Consultants want you to know about these five important topics that you should be discussing with your staff during meetings.

Recognize Superstars

It’s always great to start off each meeting on a positive note. Plus, staff like to feel appreciated. According to the Harvard Business Review, 7 out of 10 employees who received appreciation were happier on the job. A little recognition can mean the world to your staff and even boost morale.

Discuss Trends and Technology

Are there new technological advances occurring within the dental field? Are there technologies available that can help provide a better patient experience, or make your staff’s job more efficient? Talk about these trends and technologies with your staff. It not only encourages engagement but also helps open the door for new opportunities within your practice.

Identify Special Themes or Initiatives

June is National Oral Health Month, and April is National Oral Cancer Month. There may even be opportunities in your area that provide ways for you to reach people within your community. These are great opportunities for your staff to promote good oral health habits to patients.

Be Transparent

Inform your team about the status of the practice. Where is the practice at regarding goals? Are there areas of opportunity that need to be addressed? Being transparent with your team helps build trust, and helps them feel like they truly are apart of the overall vision.

Request Feedback

Just like you started your meeting with feedback, end it the same way. During the closing feedback, it allows for areas of opportunities to be identified by staff members providing constructive criticism. Fostering these open channels of communication will help your team become more involved, and allows them to know that you value their feedback.

We encourage weekly meetings among all dental practices. It is essential for morale, as well as the growth of your practice to maintain these open channels of communication, and it builds trust. Not only is it important to keep your staff informed, but to recognize the hard workers, and be open to discussing areas of opportunities.

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