Why Bryant Consultants Have Such a Love for LVI Dentists?

LVI Neuromuscular Dental Consultants

Over 12 years ago, the owner of Bryant Consultants had a life-threatening car accident that left her with debilitating pain. This pain became the controlling center of her life, and her dental career began to take a back seat to her suffering. “After all medical avenues lead to dead ends, and all alternative medical options were explored, there were no options left to consider,” says Owner Hollie Bryant.

After watching the life story unfold in front of his eyes, the owner of the Nash Institute, and employer of Hollie Bryant, made a recommendation to explore the dental avenue for the pain that she was suffering. Dr. Ross Nash felt that he had the right person for the undertaking. He phoned up his, then, clinical instructor at the Institute, Dr. Edmond Suh.

This was Hollie’s personal introduction to neuromuscular dentistry, and it was the beginning of a journey that will continue for a lifetime. Dr. Suh became the saving grace for Hollie. The daily migraines, the facial pain, the back and neck pain all began to dissolve over the upcoming year.

LVI Neuromuscular Dental Consultants

During that year, Hollie took her very first course at the Las Vegas Institute. The educational environment and support was infectious. As the story that isn’t often told began to unfold, so did the new vision that Hollie had for her professional career. Gaining the education after the personal experience of life altering pain was an opportunity to be an unrecognizable force for TMD therapy and treatment.

Hollie spent the next decade of her journey with LVI dentists, and early on, they were her employers. As her career evolved, many became her clients. The experience as a patient and the education as a learner, all combined with the hands on training to become “The Spark” for Hollie.

Bringing it all together 4-5 days a week for dentists across the country is the driving force behind the consulting team at Bryant Consultants. Hollie may not be the right fit for the everyday dentist that has advanced their education. Hollie loves to work with those dentists that feel the passion burning deep down but can’t seem to reach their true potential. If you have been or are going through neuromuscular dental training, and you need to put it all together for your team, here are a few simple tips to follow:

  1. Schedule a Team Meeting: Explain your new vision with your team, and share the philosophy and power neuromuscular will have on your practice and your patients. If they do not understand, they will not be able to embrace the changes and the philosophy. This has to come from the owner of the business and leader that they look up to.
  2. Get a Training Plan Together- You have training options! First, you can schedule time before you head to training on your calendar. We know all dentists book their schedules out in advance. So, as a general rule, when you pay for your courses, block your schedule for training your team one week after you return. This will get everyone on the same page with you, and you will have had time to create an action plan. Next option, take your team with you to learn. This will allow you to learn and grow together. (If you are not willing to take them across the country on a CE trip then it is likely that you are not confident that they belong in your practice anyways! Invest!) Lastly, hire a coach to come in and train your team on the systems you are learning at LVI. Again, these options mean setting time aside on your schedule to educate, train, and implement your vision for your business’s future.
  3. Start with the Basics- Often, dentists need to get the basics in place. You cannot run until you start walking. If you are not diagnosing orthotics or starting phase 1 therapy for orthotic treatment, then, START WALKING!
  4. Take Digital Photographs- If you are not getting your patients concerned about their problems, then, you will never have a solution for them! Take digital photographs of their mouths. Start with six, and don’t worry about how good they are. You are not getting published in a magazine yet. Print on copy paper, in color, and draw on them. We know a picture is worth a thousand words, so take some pictures. You can start covering up solutions!

So, why does Bryant Consultants love consulting for neuromuscular dentists? The reasons are their passion, their education, their commitment to care, and, above all, the life changing experiences that they provide every day.

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