Considering Retirement? How a Dental Coach can help you reach the Finish Line

considering retirement

retirement planMost people do not want to keep working for the rest of their life. But, for a dentist who has worked hard to build, maintain, and grow their practice, the decision to retire and step away from decades of work can be difficult. Bryant Consultants is here to help. Read on to see how our experienced dental coach could be the asset you need to help you reach the final steps down the road to retirement.

Are you ready for retirement? Follow this checklist

Maybe you are uncertain if you are ready to step away from your practice.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you maximized the profitability and value of your dental practice?
  • Have you prepared mentally for the prospect of life after you are done working?
  • Have you researched dental practice sales, and how these sales are made successfully for both parties?

If you can answer yes to all these questions, you may be ready for retirement. However, if your answers were mixed, then the counsel of a dental coach could provide the assistance you need in determining when you will be ready to make this transition, and how to do it right.

How do our dental coaches help prepare you for retirement?

At Bryant Consultants, our coaches have extensive knowledge about the dental industry and all the intricacies of what it takes to run a successful practice. We employ dental management practice systems with a proven track record of success, helping to maximize the appeal of your practice from a seller’s standpoint. Even if you’re not ready for retirement just yet, our consultants can help reduce your workload while increasing profit. Imagine working fewer days a week, but making more money than you were when working five-day weeks.

Maybe profitability isn’t the issue. Perhaps you’re having difficulty finding a balance between your professional life and your personal life. It is important to remember that, as an entrepreneur, your business should be working for you—not the other way around. A dental coach can help you achieve that balance. Giving you more time to enjoy your life also could end up being the tipping point that makes you decide that it actually is the right opportunity to retire.

In short, dental coaching is about helping you work smarter, not harder. Learn how to improve time management when it comes to every aspect of your practice. You’ll be amazed to see the differences after a consultant analyzes your practice, and how much closer you come to achieving your overall professional goals.

Ready to take the next step? We offer both on-site and remote coaching opportunities for dentists at any stage in their careers. We also are proud to have partnered with Tony Myers, an expert in dental practice transitions. Mr. Myers can assist retiring and upcoming dentists during their practice transitions.

At Bryant Consultants, our services can help you realize your vision, establish goals, and set processes in place to evolve your practice. Contact us by calling (877) 768-4799. We provide consultation, training, and coaching to help improve the operations of your practice so that you can provide exceptional results to your patients. No office is out of reach for us; we will even come to you!