Bryant Recognized as one of the top 25 Women in Dentistry

hollie bryant

hollie bryantIn its eighth year the Dental Products Report has published their list of the top 25 women in dentistry for 2017, and Hollie Bryant of Bryant Consultants is one of them.

When dental practice owners are searching for a way to excel their business to the next level, they turn to Bryant, a professional practice consultant. Bryant’s focus is on the unique needs of each practice whether they need staff training, strategy coaching, open a new practice or transition into retirement.

Dental Products Report quoted Bryant saying, “I pride myself in my business creativity and the ability to dream with my clients and even for my clients sometimes,” she says. “I am very invested in what I do and the teams I work with. I want them to love what they do and go as far as they want to go in their career.”

Bryant comes alongside each practice owner, helping them realize their own dreams, and can even set new sights in mind, and provide a path on how to achieve those dreams.

Bryant started her company from scratch seven years ago. Working with an outstanding group of mentors from throughout her career in dentistry, she realized her own faith in what she could accomplish and was driven by unparalleled determination. As business began to grow, Bryant Consultants formed, offering both marketing and business consulting. Now, Bryant Consultants operates by a team, a family team, in fact. Bryant, her husband, brother, and sister all contribute their talents to the company, which enables them to offer a broad spectrum of services to their clients.

Dental Products Report also quotes Bryant stating, “This is a true rags-to-riches-type accomplishment considering I started with no experience and no money and now I have my own consulting and marking business that is thriving. It gives me daily satisfaction when I get a text or email from a team member who has finally realized the potential I said they had, they have finally realized it their self.”  

To keep a practice growing and moving forward, it requires constant advancement and modernization, which is necessary in an ever-changing industry such as the dental field. Bryant does not use a cookie cutter approach when consulting her clients. Instead, she uses a system that adapts to the changing needs of individual practices.

Reflecting back on her journey, Bryant said it was not always easy but was worth it in the long run, including the disappointments and hurdles she had to face. She told Dental Products Report in her interview that, “Being a business owner and practice coach has been the best thing I have ever done, but the hardest one too.” She relied on relationships that invested and supported her throughout her career, Bryant shares. Bryant knows full and well that she could not have gotten to where she is today without that support system, which she is most grateful.

When asked about her achievement, Bryant responded by saying, “I was shocked and surprised! I have worked toward this achievement for the last seven years. It’s wonderful that the industry considers me a leader. Bryant Consultants is so excited about this honor and what it will continue to do for our business.

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