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Ditching Traditional Link Building In Favor of Link Sharing

Traditional link building used to be an attractive way to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO), now more focus is on link sharing through various means, including the social media outlet, Pinterest. This recent shift is due in part to Google’s crackdown on traditional link building, which violates their polices. Google can actually penalize your website rankings if your links are unnatural, paid or from questionable sources. Using social media outlets that link thousands of people together is a quick, effective way of increasing traffic to your website.

Pinterest is a social media site that is essentially a form of link sharing for others to view, “like”, and repin for others to view. “Liking” a pin also helps raise awareness to the site. Using your website to promote links to other websites is a way to help build rapport with out site owners, in hopes of them sharing links to your site. Pinterest functions similarly in that people consistently share links to other websites for others to view. In fact, 90% of the content on Pinterest is linked to outside websites. When a Pinterst user “likes” or repines a pin linking to your site, it allows others to see this activity and presents an opportunity for them to “like” or repin. Ultimately, this brings more traffic to your site. Pinterest allows you to follow other users, which can help draw attention to your site from competitors. Using Pinterest as means to increase traffic to your site is like a snowball effect, once people repin your pins and begin linking to your site, other people they are connected to will have exposure to your website, and if they repin your information on Pinterest, even more people are connected. This helps raise awareness for your website and spread the word about your business. The more links to your site are shared and reshared, the more traffic to your site you will get.

Frequent pins on Pinterest also ensures your pins will remain visible on the front page. Also, using custom imagery for your articles helps give people a visual aspect to your writing, which is key when using Pinterest. Some tips, when using Pinterest, is that vertical images draw more attention than horizontal ones. Using images with a “call-to” action helps increase traffic and be sure to pin relevant content to community boards. Otherwise, people in the group won’t be as interest in your content. People browsing the Pinterest site are looking at visuals that relate to articles and websites. Some other ideas are to become more involved in community boards on Pinterest, which more people that you are able to contact. The more visible you are on Pinterest, the more opportunity you have for people to pick up your pins and repin. Why spend hours or days using traditional link building methods only to have Google tear it down, putting you back to where you started. Instead, try these social media techniques that are more applicable in today’s world of website marketing. If you have questions or want to know more contact us or leave a comment below.

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