Find out why SEO Matters

find out why seo matters

seo mattersA retail business could have a tremendous selection of high-quality products available at competitive prices, but if you don’t know that business exists, or don’t know what they have to offer, you’re not going to buy there. The same principle applies when it comes to the online presence for your business. If potential clients in your area perform an Internet search and cannot find your web site, your business may as well not exist.

How do you make sure your website is accessible to this large potential pool of clients and customers? Through search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

Internet searches help drive traffic to your business, no matter your industry

According to a 2017 report by Acquisio-LSA, 75 percent of local searches performed on a mobile browser resulted in an in-store visit, with 30 percent of those visits ending in a purchase being made. To maximize the revenue potential of your business, you need to take steps to make sure that your website appears at the top of relevant Internet searches. This should be as important in your marketing strategy, if not more, than buying traditional advertising through print, radio, and TV or any other way that you seek to spread the word about your business and the goods and services that are offered.

Get the facts on SEO

Every time someone uses a search engine like Google, the search engine sends out “spiders” that look for certain bits of information pertaining to the topic, as well as the value of the content on the site. The spiders perform this evaluation by looking for certain terms, or keywords, then examining the organization of the site to compile an estimate of the site’s value. This entire process takes less than a second, but it can mean so much to your business. The higher the value, the higher your business’ site will rank when a relevant online search is performed, raising its rank in the search and making your business’ online presence visible to more individuals.

The key is the keywords 

Keywords need to be relevant to the goods and services that your business provides, but semantics also matters. For example, if you own a bakery and someone searches about “ordering a custom birthday cake,” then you want to make sure there is content on your site using that language—preferably in connection to the geographical area where you are based. The more keywords you use within the context of a larger piece of content, the higher the SEO rank. Content with fewer keywords probably will be considered more shallow and therefore have a lower value. 

Let us take the headaches out of SEO for you

Understanding every aspect of SEO can be a challenge for a business owner. There’s a reason that people make a living just by providing SEO services! Bryant Consultants knows all the tricks and trends to help increase the likelihood that your business’ site will be prominent when people in your area perform their next Google search looking for something related to what you offer. Our SEO marketing process is completely transparent and involves using the search engines’ own recommended guidelines and putting them to work for you.

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