6 Signs of a Toxic Work Environment

signs you work in toxic enviroment

signs you work in a toxic enviromentWe’ve all heard jokes about work and not wanting to be there. However, there is a difference between joking about something at work that irritates you and genuinely dreading your next shift. The term “toxic workplace” is used to describe a workplace that is causing emotional or physical strife in your life. What makes a workplace toxic? It could be the job itself, the atmosphere, the people, or any combination of those things. Whatever the cause, being in a toxic workplace can cause serious disruptions in the rest of your life.

A company’s most valuable asset is its people. Your job performance can head in a serious downward spiral if your workplace isn’t happy and healthy. If you’re a business owner, this toxicity can affect your business’ productivity. Don’t let your business suffer.

Look for these warning signs that your business may be becoming a toxic workplace:

  1. Unreliability: Living with stress eventually lowers the immune system, and create more sick individuals. High absentee rates can be a major red flag for toxicity in a workplace, as can other signs of unreliability such as employees who regularly miss deadlines or frequently arrive late and leave early.
  2. Little to no enthusiasm: Look around your office. If employees aren’t interacting with one another, then this can be a sign of general unhappiness on your team.
  3. Poor communication: Lack of communication is just as bad as negative communication. Praise is important to people in all aspects of life. A lack of it at work can change effectiveness.
  4. High turnover rate: When the work environment has nothing good to offer except dysfunction and poor morale, people will start heading for the door to find a better situation. If you notice a high turnover rate in your company or department, take that as a sign of a toxic workplace.
  5. Cliques, gossip, and rumors: Does everyone on your team seem to be out for themselves? Are you noticing groups of employees are becoming rivals? When there are no genuine bonds among fellow employees, it creates rifts and internal struggle that can tear your team apart.
  6. Poor work-life balance: The best managers and leaders recognize that their employees don’t live to work. Your team shouldn’t have to sacrifice their personal or family lives in the name of their job. Signs of a poor work-life balance in a workplace include little to no availability to take vacation time, and expecting employees to be available around the clock for work-related communication.

Turn toxic work into teamwork

At Bryant Consultants, we believe team building can turn a negative environment around. If you increase the morale of your workforce and create personal bonds through team-building exercises and activities, you can stop the toxic behaviors that make it impossible to have a healthy, thriving work environment. We want to help your business become a unified team today. We also offer leadership coaching to help you become a better manager and to foster leadership among your management team.

Turn your toxic work environment into a healthy, productive company with our team-building advice, workshops, and consultations. The services offered by Bryant Consultants can help you refine your vision, establish goals, and set processes in place to evolve your business. Contact us by calling (877) 768-4799.