Is Leadership Important in Business

leadership in business

leadership in businessAre you a leader? This may be a tough question to answer. After all, as a society, we have defined leadership in a way other than it was meant to be defined as if it were only attainable for certain people with natural born leadership traits. To admit you are a leader may associate a person with being cocky or arrogant. That certainly is not the case, especially in business. Often, some of the best leaders are those who truly make a difference in someone’s, even one person’s, life. As a business owner, have you ever thought of yourself as a leader? Maybe you have not made a new, groundbreaking discovery in your market or developed a fancy new product, but that does not mean you are not a leader in your industry. When was the last time you changed someone’s life through your business?

Here is a line of thought to ponder, a leader is someone who makes the difference in the lives of others. This is everyday leadership, not just good customer service. When was the last time you served a customer who left your business happy, fulfilled, and satisfied? Have you sold a product to a customer that helped simplify their life or put an end to a problem they had? Think about all the thank you’s and positive customer reviews you have received as a business owner. These are your moments of leadership, also referred to as “lollipop moments.” If you have made someone’s life better by something you did, big or small, you are an everyday leader! As a society, we need to stop placing leadership in the realm of the unattainable. Leadership is not beyond anyone’s capabilities, only their desire and motivation stands in the way of wanting to achieve it. Mariam Williamson states that “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” We should not be afraid of creating those lollipop moments. It is what defines us as leaders.

In business, everyday leadership is about changing the lives of your customers. As a business professional, you have made a commitment to providing a product or service to people that is life changing, no matter how big or small that may seem. Making an impact on each customer that conducts business with you is everyday leadership. Leadership is not about money, power, titles, or influence; it is about the impact we make on each other, our small lollipop moments. It is those moments of paying it forward or of a simple thank you. As a business owner, you and your team can change the lives of your customers by being an everyday leader.

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