Abby Foust

Abby is one of our web developers and designers. She has worked for Bryant Consultants for six years. Abby has an extensive background working in the customer service industry, so being behind the scenes is a new experience, although she enjoys being able to help clients achieve their website vision. While not face-to-face with customers, she is able to continue honoring her passion for customer service through her web development and design role at Bryant Consultants.

Abby lives in Asheboro, North Carolina with her  husband and two children. She stays busy taking care of her family, with a 19 year daughter, 8 year old son and their 4 dogs. Things can get a little hectic.

Abby lives a moderately healthy lifestyle, although her favorite thing to do is eat! She enjoys traditional cooking and also creating healthier recipes. She also loves to exercise. From weight lifting to walking 25-30 miles a week, she lives a very active lifestyle. She also is active in her local church, attending three times a week. She enjoys baking healthy snacks for the kids on the bible quizzing team and her fellow church members.

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