Periodontal Consulting

periodontal consultant

periodontal consultantGum disease affects more than half of adults in America, which isn’t any surprise to dentists or periodontists alike. This statistic makes periodontal treatment vital for any dental practice and reinforces the importance of successful periodontists. Do you ever struggle with patient case acceptance for gum disease treatment or feel like when you try to educate your patients on proper oral care that it just goes through one ear and out the other? Our dental consultants can work with any practice to help increase your patient acceptance cases, bring in repeat patients for the continued care that they need, and for networking to increase patient referrals. Pair your expertise as a periodontist with the marketing and business expertise of the team at Bryant Consultants through our new package of periodontal consulting services.

As a dentist or periodontist, the oral health decline among Americans is not news to you. It is apparent that many patients, and even physicians, still do treat the mouth as a separate unit apart from the rest of the body. We know that gum disease can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Patients even get fed this information during their dental appointments, but is that enough to get them to understand the full ramifications of poor oral health and neglecting treatment for their gum disease?

Periodontists today have to worry about more than just treating gum disease 

These days, to run a thriving periodontal practice, just providing tremendous care is not enough. You also need to have the business and marketing savvy to stand out in a competitive field. A start-up periodontal practice can be a challenge to undertake all on your own, especially if you do not have networking skills and a good referral base to start. Unless you are purchasing a periodontal practice from a retiring periodontist, you’re basically starting at ground zero. Even so, purchasing an existing periodontal practice still is a new start for you.

Add in the usual dilemmas that vex practice owners—stagnancy in productivity and/or income, staffing problems, and scheduling issues—and you can see how a periodontist may benefit from professional advice from our dental consultants. Because they specialize in advanced techniques, and often still are seeking continuing education as part of a commitment to lifelong learning and providing elite services, periodontists usually lack the time or training to commit fully to managing the business aspects of their practices.

How can Bryant Consultants help your periodontal practice thrive?  

Our team includes experts with full knowledge of the dental industry and connections throughout the field. We can use those connections and put them to work for you, fostering relationships with the practicing general dentists in your geographical area to build a strong referral network.

Other aspects of our consulting for periodontists include:

  • Evaluating every facet of your practice to maximize efficiency as well as profit
  • Improving patient flow, so you can see more clients on an average workday
  • Working with insurance companies to determine which plans your practice will accept, as well as streamlining billing to shorten the amount of time you’re waiting to receive reimbursements
  • Incorporating scheduling systems and techniques to minimize no-shows and cancellations
  • Communication techniques to improve case presentation, as well as raising the rate of treatment acceptance
    Financial services, including in-house payment plans, and policies to help accounts receivable and collections

Periodontal Practice Consulting across the U.S. 

By becoming a periodontist, you’ve decided to dedicate your life to fighting gum disease and helping your patients live longer, healthier lives. But, getting started can be the biggest hurdle of your career. Let Bryant Consultants help keep the business side of your practice running as smooth as it can. The services offered by Bryant Consultants can help you refine your vision, establish goals, and set processes in place to evolve your practice. Contact us by calling (877) 768-4799 to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

We provide consultation, training, and coaching to help improve the operations of your practice so that you can provide exceptional results to your patients. No office is out of reach for us; we will even come to you!