No Matter the Trends, Content is King

content is kingThat Bill Gates guy knows a thing or two about building a successful business and brand. In 1996, the software magnate wrote an essay titled “Content Is King” that was posted on the Microsoft website. After almost a quarter century, it is a credo that still rings true in the business world—especially with regard to marketing your brand online.

No matter what your industry might be, here is why a steady stream of new content on your business’ website is so important.

It elevates SEO

Your SEO (which is short for search engine optimization) rating determines where your website will appear during an Internet search. You can elevate your SEO ranking organically by posting new content on your site that touches on a relevant subject matter and uses strategic keywords, which are targeted based on the search terms and keywords that people are likely to use when searching online for information on a certain topic. Each time you upload new content to your site, it creates a new potential point of entry for people to come to your website for the first time—and thus be prospective new customers or clients.

Quality, not quantity 

Regular content matters, but not all content is created equal. Good content, whether it is a blog on your site or a social media post on a network like Facebook or Instagram, addresses a subject that is relevant to your business’ services or an issue related to your industry. The content also should be well written. Check off these two boxes, and a visitor to your site is more likely to pause in their search, read the content, and understand the central message of the content. Good quality content also encourages greater engagement with the readers, all of whom are potential future clients, and can help foster a sense of loyalty with your audience that will make people more likely to contact your business if they are in need of your services.

Content adds value

Every time you post a piece of content to your business’ site, it adds value to your business, because that content either answers a question, provides a potential solution, or resolves a dilemma in the everyday life of whoever is searching about that topic or issue. Such content also adds to the credence of your point of view within the industry, which will help present your business as an authority in its field—especially as your business continues to climb the ladder in search engine rankings.

Content is a source of traffic

If you launch a website for your business and it includes just a home page and contact information, they likely will head elsewhere in their search. How often this happens is referred to within the industry as a “bounce rate.” The higher your bounce rate, the lower the total views and the unique views for your site will be. This is where content is so valuable. Multiple pages of content explaining the services you offer, along with a blog with regularly updated new entries, becomes more than just a way to promote your business online; it becomes a resource of information, encouraging visitors to stay and hopefully become customers.

Content Marketing from Bryant Consultants

Good quality content—just like the blog you are reading now—is so important to building your business, especially as Internet usage becomes more and more widespread in our society. The team at Bryant Consultants can help you come up with the right content, and strategy to grow your brand. Bryant Consultants’ services can help you realize your vision, establish goals, and set processes in place to evolve your business. Contact us by calling (877) 768-4799.

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